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Historical American Movie Society


American Flag surrounded by the words Klein Forest Historical American Movie Society


Mr. Michael Godfrey

Mr. Jason Stewart


The purpose of this club is to allow AP History, DC U.S. History students, and Senior class members to see history through visual means giving students the ability to see multiple perspectives in history. It is also a chance to allow students the chance to earn extra credit on their own time after school. We provide a safe and relaxing environment to relieve stress while celebrating the greatness of American Cinema and its century of existence.

Membership is limited to students that are Advanced Placement U.S. History, Dual Credit U.S. History, and students with the classification of Senior at Klein Forest High School and we don't require any dues for membership. Movies will be provided by the sponsors or students.

An important element of this HAMS is the fact that students are able to watch a wide variety of films regardless of rating and most types of content. Therefore, students will need to furnish a permission form with a parent signature allowing permission for their student(s) to watch "R" rated films as designated by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America. The sponsors will not show films with overtly grotesque and intense sexual scenes.  The sponsors will do their best to screen the films before shown to students,  however, please be advised that some of the films shown do contain graphic violence and mild adult content in some instances and will not be censored when shown. Here are the links for the permission forms : "R" Rated Movie Permission Form ; HAMS Student Permission Form

Students are allowed to bring their own food and refreshments to enjoy the show. Please clean up your mess as this privilege can be revoked at any time.

This club does have a student leader ship element and will be determined by election at the beginning of the school year for the following positions: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Historian