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Our counseling program focuses on whole student wellness so that every student will "level-up" and engage in rigorous learning and build the skills necessary to develop their full potential. Guidance services are available to all students and our counselors are ready to give personal, educational, and vocational counseling and guidance whenever it is needed.

The scope of the services provided by our counselors includes:

  • Orientation
  • Information-Giving
  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Placement and Scheduling
  • Standardized Test Result Interpretation
  • Identification of Students with Special Abilities or Needs
  • Parent Consultations
  • Referrals to Outside Agencies

Parents are encouraged to call the counselor for information or assistance on any matter concerning a student.

Lead Counselor

Regina Pruitt

Students Hf-Jd

Graduate Advisor

Joan Stevenson-Jones

Students T-Z

Meet the Counseling Team

Crystal Bush

ESL Students P-Z

Cynthia Carr

Students Mj-Ram

Amy Culberson

Students A - Ban & Global Business

Diana Halvaeian

Veronica Johnson

Students Ren-S

Marilen Martinez

ESL Students A-Ga

Georgia Matthews

ESL Students A-Ga

Linda Michelle McCharen

College and Career & Dual Credit

Kristin Ordanes

Ronnette Rideaux

Students Cas-F

William Terry

Students Ha-He

Adrienne Thomas